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MyVivaTree Story

MyVivaTree is a service of donation dedicated to the nature. Anyone can finance the planting of a personal tree.

Started by two engineers, Valeriy Shylin and Vincenza Barbaro, it aims at changing the concept of charity donations:

  • redirecting the efforts towards the preservation of the nature
  • making each effort valuable and meaningful
  • recognizing each donator through acknowledgement
  • providing feedback
  • being completely transparent

The goal of MyVivaTree is to provide a meaningful donation service to help the nature

Beliefs that drive MyVivaTree:
  • To fulfill the goal of the life one should:
    • Plant a tree
    • Build a building
    • Bear a child
  • Many people would like to contribute for the good of the nature but either don't know how to do it or find it too complicated or consider it pointless
  • The contribution of each donator must be acknowledged and praised
  • Every person should be able to do at least something to improve the worsening atmospheric conditions
  • Carbon dioxide is considered the source of modern humanity problems related to the climate
  • Trees are perfect carbon sequestration "factories"
Valeriy Shylin

Valeriy Shylin

Founder & CEO

Valera is a passionate enterpreneur with some seven year experience in building Business Intelligence ICT solutions.

Vincenza Barbaro

Vincenza Barbaro

Muse & Infinite inspiration

Vincenza is a very good acoustics engineer with fathomless erudition and profound knowledge of art and architecture.

Admiring her inspires!

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